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The Easiest, Fastest, and Safest Way to Reliably Backup all of Your Important Information

Never Worry About Losing Critical Data Again.

First State Computer Services Data Backup is an automated data backup and restore system providing powerful tools to protect your organization’s data. Unlike traditional data protection tools, First State Computer Services Data Backup does not require any human assistance beyond the initial installation and setup. There is no media to install, remove, protect, or replace. It is highly secure and only you have access to your data. Your data is protected from silent data corruption. Simple, safe, and secure!

Your data is digitally signed,

encrypted, and then encoded for redundancy to

 protect against silent data corruption.



Your valuable data is encrypted and stored at a secure data center. Without your password and pass phrase, no one else can read or use your confidential information. Not even the staff at First State Computer Services or the data center



How Does it Work?

Install a small backup client software application on your computer to manage all of your data protection and restoration. After you easily identify what data you want to protect, your data is encrypted and compressed, and then a master copy is transferred to the data center.

During the 15-minute setup you will be asked to choose a password and a passphrase. The password protects access to your account and the pass phrase protects your data. The pass phrase uniquely configures the AES 256-bit encryption algorithm, approved by the NSA for encrypting TOP SECRET data. Each time you change a file; First State Computer Services Backup detects the changes, encrypts these changes, and sends only the changes to a data center to be stored with the master copy of your file. Unlike our competition, you determine what files and folders to backup and you can set different retention policies on a per-folder, per-file, or per-file-pattern basis. It does not matter if the file is located on your computer or somewhere else on your network. You just point and shoot and the backup program does the rest.

Our easy-to-use system lets you decide how often to backup and how many previous versions of your data to keep. Because only the changes or deltas of your data are stored, very small amounts of storage are used to maintain many versions. You can even ask First State Computer Services Backup to help you when data is destroyed by mistake. First State Computer Services Backup will maintain copies of files you have deleted for the period of time you determine, preventing accidental deletions. This valuable tool will come in very handy one day, guaranteed.

How is the Data Restored?

The client has all the capabilities to restore your data when and where you want it. You simply launch the restore Wizard and follow the simple yet powerful wizard. Point and click to choose what to restore in an explorer-style interface. Choose to restore the current version of your data or perform a point-in-time restore simply by selecting the date. Data can be restored to their original locations or to an alternate location.

When restoring, choose to restore from either your local backups or the remote backups from an easy drop down menu. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your data can be restored lightning fast from your local backups after minor emergencies, but that your data is also safely stored off-site after real disasters. You get the benefits of both worlds, all for the same price!

Who Needs Backup Services?

Everyone! Any sized business, Server farms, Data centers, Workstations, Laptop users, Home computers. Anywhere you store critical information that you can’t afford to be without. Studies have shown that the majority of users don’t back up their critical data on a regular basis but would be greatly inconvenienced or even go out of business if they ever lost their data. If you are looking for an easier and more reliable way to backup your data, then you need First State Computer Services Backup.

What this Services Delivers…


Easy Installation – All software required for easy secure data backup is installed and configured in minutes. No additional hardware to install, maintain or learn how to use.

Backup from Anywhere – Secure backups can be accomplished from any Internet connection.

Anytime Access – Access to your stored data anytime from any place with an Internet connection. Recovery of lost files is fast and easy.

Minimum Effort, Minimum Time – Quick and easy backup is accomplished by only moving the changes you made to your protected data each time you back up.

Flexible Version Control - Provides unmatched flexibility in storing multiple versions of the same document. Definable down to the individual file. Easy to recover a previous version.


Secure Off-Site Storage – A redundant copy of all of your critical information is stored in our secure data center. If your system crashes or your laptop is stolen, your important information is still safe and easily restored at any time day or night.

Feature List

Unmatched encryption, security, and data integrity protection.

Fully automated backups—let backups take care of themselves.

Self-healing backup engine—our software automatically corrects for common problems with your operating system or network that would cause errors in other backup products.

Email notifications if your backups have warnings or errors.

FREE local backups—save money by using First State Computer Services Backup for all of your backup needs; encrypted local backups let you restore data very quickly while maximizing data security.

Worry-free backup of open files through Microsoft VSS

Support for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle, and other server applications.

Flexible data retention policies for true point-in-time restores.

Visual selection of what data to backup.

Easy restore process just follow the restore wizard to restore one, many, or all files.

Web access – instantly access your data anytime, anywhere using the web portal.

Low bandwidth requirements and adjustable bandwidth settings.

Powerful reporting, including disk usage graphs and disk usage analysis tools.

Audit trail - each and every backup includes a detailed electronic audit trail.

Integrated email archiving for the easiest and most reliable way to meet your needs.

Why Choose First State Computer Services Backup Over Other Backup Services?

There are many providers to choose from. Here are six good reasons to choose from:

Extreme Reliability: The fact is that computers are unreliable. We built our software expecting things to fail and to do everything possible to automatically recover. For example, if your Internet connection is down for 4 hours during the night while your ISP does maintenance – no problem, the backup program automatically recovers even in the middle of 20GB files and only raises errors on permanent failures. On the go with a laptop that is always on and off? No problem, service is paused and resumes as you come and go. We regularly analyze failed backups and add auto-correction logic to work around common network and operating system problems. We overprovision our data centers and most components have a 2N fault tolerance level instead of just N+1. First State Computer Services Backup just works, our customers know it, and that’s why they love it.

Superior Data Integrity: We not only provide information confidentiality (through encryption), we also provide data integrity, authenticity, and non-repudiation (proof of the integrity and origin of your data).

With the backup service you are considering, what guarantees do you have about the data that is restored? How much would it cost your business if some bits or a few data blocks were corrupted in some financial data that you restored? Most backup services will talk about encryption to no end, but encryption is only one piece of information security—confidentiality. Another critically important piece in information security is data integrity, as well as authenticity and non-repudiation. The fact is, if you’re a world-class online backup provider and storing petabytes of information, you have to expect to encounter silent data corruption and you have to design your systems to detect and automatically correct it (search the Internet for ― silent data corruption). Think that silent data corruption doesn’t happen with enterprise systems and cloud storage? Search the Internet for: silent data corruption cloud. Think that it doesn’t happen with online backup providers? Search the Internet for: online backup "lost data."

If an online backup provider doesn’t specifically address the silent data corruption problem and address it at every level of their system, your data is not safe. The system was designed from the very beginning to provide the ultimate in protection. There are multiple checksums continually verifying the integrity of the data from the moment it is read from disk in the backup client, as it passes through the encrypted network connection, in our servers memory, as it passes through down to the OS, through the hardware firmware, and finally onto the disk platters. Additionally we keep a 256-bit block checksum on-disk and verify the integrity of the data every time the block is read and periodically on a monthly basis. If any silent data corruption is detected, then we utilize the other copies of the data to instantly and automatically repair the silent data corruption.

We are so confident in our data integrity assurance mechanisms, that we digitally sign every 2kb data block with a 256-bit digital signature, tied to your encryption key. This guarantees to the person restoring the data that the 2kb data block is 100% intact as it was backed up and also guarantees that the data block has not been altered.


We invite you to ask other online backup providers the questions in our data integrity whitepaper, to see if they have provided the data integrity protection measures that we provide

Reverse Block-level Deltas: Provides superior data integrity (the integrity of the entire current version is verified every time a file is changed) and superior efficiency for data retention (use of 2kb blocks provides up to 40% space savings over solutions with larger block sizes).

Secure Pass Phrase Recovery: two-party pass phrase recovery system allows one to securely escrow their pass phrase with First State Computer Services, protected by the user’s answers to several security questions and our 3072-bit private key. To recover, both First State Computer Services and the user must cooperate, and at the end of the process, only the user has access to the recovered pass phrase. (Use is optional for customers that prefer not to use it.) Most providers either will store the user’s pass phrase themselves or require the user to manage it themselves. Our unique system allows a user gain the benefits of both – the security of keeping the private key completely to themselves, but the safety of being able to recover it if they need to. It’s like the 2-key system in nuclear silos…both parties have to cooperate in order for something to happen, and the keys are kept in separate places controlled by different people in different organizations.

Unified Local and Remote Backups: Perform encrypted local backups to external hard drives or aggregate local backups to any NAS or SAN with just a couple of extra clicks. You can backup a lot more data locally than you do remotely if you choose to do so. First State Computer Services Backup can even be used solely for local-only backups if the customer is not ready for remote backups. Local backups enjoy all features of remote backups, including reverse block-level deltas, unlimited historical versioning.

Mail Archiving and Mailbox Storage Management: Control overflowing inboxes, meet legal compliance requirements, optimize Exchange server performance, and provide one-click message restores for users within Outlook for all of their email. Our technology allows you to take old or large content out of Exchange and into the archive, dedup it, and provide single-click access to archived content. All emails, contacts, appointments, etc., are readily available for searching or restoring (at the message level) in the case of accidental deletion or corruption.

Great for Server data backup and pc computer data backup.

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